Shipping charges are calculated based on many factors like service type chosen, package weight, package dimensions, to name a few. Postmen allows you to select the units of measurements in which you wish to display the package dimensions and weight.

How does it help?

Convenient: you can choose units that you’re comfortable working with.
Easy: you can change the units in just a few clicks.

Units of measurement display options

Dimension unit

Dimensions refer to the package size defined in terms of its length, width, and height. Dimensions in Postmen can be defined in:

Inch (in)
Centimeter (cm)

By default, dimensions are displayed in inches.

Weight unit

It defines how heavy a package is. Weight in Postmen can be defined in:

Pound (lb)
Ounce (oz)
Kilogram (kg)
Gram (g)

By default, weight is displayed in “lb”.

Customize units of measurement

Go to Display options > Select dimension and weight unit from the drop-down list
Save changes

Changing the units will cause current shipping measurements to be converted. Weights and dimensions may be impacted due to rounding-off.
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