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Enhanced Carrier Account Update Functionality


AfterShip Shipping now supports users to easily update their carrier accounts with the latest integration version without deleting and recreating them. Our system supports different versions of carrier integrations to work simultaneously, allowing them the flexibility to update them at their convenience without having to reconfigure other settings. Existing customer, should they wish to continue using the current integration can use them, while new customers will link with the latest integration by default.

The below message will display on your AfterShip Shipping admin's Carriers dashbaord should the latest version of your carrier account is available.

How to update your carrier account

Go to Carriers > Carriers accounts in your AfterShip Shipping admin.

The accounts that require an update will have the Update button displaying against that carrier's name under My carrier account section.

Click Update. Make sure you have obtained the new API credentials from the carrier.

The page to update the carrier account will show up. Follow the guide for each carrier to update your carrier account
Click Submit.

USPS example

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Updated on: 05/07/2024

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