This developer guide shows how to access Royal Mail shipping API. See also the list of required API credentials for Royal Mail integration with their Despatch Manager Online (DMO). Labels generated will include Royal Mail's latest 2D barcode and in their latest 4x6 label format. 

Get Royal Mail Developer Credentials

Create a free account at Royal Mail API developer portal

Click  My Apps tab > Register your application
Application Name:  Enter account number
Description: Input "Print my own postage and track shipments" 

After submitted your application, you will receive one set of Royal Mail API credentials for both production and sandbox enviornment: client ID , Client Secret

Click API Library tab > Select  Shipping API V2 (SOAP) > Subscribe

Royal Mail will take 1-2 weeks to approve your application. Currently Royal Mail is still pending to approve Postmen to 3rd party application. If you have contact with Royal Mail, appreciate you tell them why you need to use Postmen to print Royal Mail labels. Cheers.

Required Royal Mail API credentials

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