Learn about how to run Royal Mail End of Day (EOD) process, and how to create EOD customer collection receipt via Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online (DMO) and Postmen. 

Why running Royal Mail End of Day (EOD) Process?

Required by Royal Mail - Transmit data into the Royal Mail database to confirm shipments to be sent.
Generate paper manifest - A paper manifest summary generated is required at collection.
Update tracking results - Show Pre-advice Received at the tracking results.

Important Notes

Ship date of Today -  Only accept shipping labels with ship date of today, i.e. not past or future dates.
Cut-off / Clean Sweep Process (6pm GMT) - Royal Mail automatically run EOD process every day at 6pm.
Void before manifest - Cannot edit or cancel shipments after manifest or clean sweep.

Run EOD Process via Postmen


Run EOD Process via Royal Mail DMO

Login to Despatch Manager Online, select the End of Day tab.
Select Run EOD Process
Filter shipments by Service Reference, Carrier, Service, Your Reference or Your Description
Click Submit
Download Customer Collection Receipt

Royal Mail collection receipt Example
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