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Setup Postmen Shipper Account

Learn how to set up a Postmen shipper account to generate labels easily at Postmen without carrier contract. Use Postmen’s shipper accounts to save time on carrier setup and enjoy any discounted shipping rates. Postmen will charge you for the shipping fee only and 1¢ transaction fee will be waived when using Postmen shipper account. If you have a carrier contract, and want to use your own carrier account for shipping, you can follow this guide to set up your own shipper account

Postmen Shipper Account vs Your Own Shipper Account

Setup Shipper Accounts at Postmen

Login to your Postmen account
Select Sandbox or Production > Shipper Accounts >  Add >  Postmen Shipper Account
Select carrier, then enter shipper address

What are Sandbox and Production?

Postmen Sandbox environment is a testing environment for users to test the carrier integration before moving to production. Any labels generated at the Sandbox environment will be only for testing and cannot be used for actual shipping, and of course you won't be charged either. Most carriers provide both testing credentials and production credentials, and you can enter them separately at Postmen.

Some users actually go straight to production as many carriers (e.g. UPS) do not charge for the production labels printed as long as it is shipped. Those carriers will only charge when the shipment is picked up and scanned.

Some carriers like DHL or FedEx require users to print out testing labels for verification before they can provide production credentials or enable label printing function for production credentials.

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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