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USPS (Endicia) - Create SCAN Form (5630)

Learn about USPS Scan Form (PS5630), and how to submit USPS Scan Form for your Endicia account via AfterShip Shipping.

Why USPS SCAN form?

USPS SCAN (Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice, PS5630) form is an one-page form containing a barcode and numbers of items you're shipping on that day. Provide the SCAN form when USPS AfterShip Shipping pick up packages from you, and you get the SCAN form back for your records.

Required by USPS -  Transmit data into the Canpar database to confirm shipments to be sent.
Generate paper manifest - A paper manifest summary generated is required at collection.
Update tracking results - Show Shipment Accepted at the tracking results.

Important Notes

Ship date of Today - Only accept shipping labels with ship date of today (no past or future days)
Cut-off time (8 PM Pacific Time) - Generate USPS labels AND print all SCAN forms before 8 PM.
Void before manifest - Cannot edit or cancel shipments after manifest.

Create USPS SCAN form via AfterShip Shipping

Login to your AfterShip Shipping account, select  Explorer
Select Create a manifest
Select your USPS shipper account
Click Submit
You should see a URL returned for the manifest file, copy and open in a browser to print out

Create USPS Scan form via

Login to, select the Postage Log tab.
Select Actions > Print SCAN Form.
Exclude any item by clearing the check box by that item.
Click Continue SCAN Request.
Print the form: Select File > Print.

USPS SCAN form Example

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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