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Carrier-calculated Shipping Rates at Shopify Checkout

This guide teaches you how to enable an in-built Shopify feature to display carrier-calculated shipping rates in real-time at Shopify checkout. Shopify currently supports FedEx, UPS, USPS, Canada Post only at the moment, and this feature can only support users enabling Shopify Shipping or Advanced Shopify users.

What is carrier-calculated shipping rates at checkout?

When customers checkout at your Shopify store, the shipping rate is calculated based on the weight, size and destination address. Customers will be displayed with the available service types and corresponding shipping rates. 

By offering real-time carrier-calculated shipping rates, it transfers the shipping costs to customers to avoid losses on shipping heavy or international items. At the same time, customers can have flexibility to choose a shipping method that fits their needs (e.g. pay more for faster shipping)

If you've negotiated a reduced shipping rate with FedEx or UPS, then you can display your reduced rates at checkout. 

Can I enable this in-built Shopify feature?

If your store's eligible for Shopify Shipping, then carrier-calculated shipping using USPS or Canada Post is set up by default in your Shopify admin.
If your store's on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher, then you can offer carrier-calculated shipping rates from FedEx and UPS.

Supported Carriers

FedEx - must have your own shipper account
UPS - must have your own shipper account
Canada Post

Enable Carrier-calculated Shipping Rates

Register for and set up an account with your preferred carrier.
Obtain your carrier account credentials.
Activate the carrier service in Shopify (Shopify admin > Settings > Shipping > Real-time carriers > select carrier)
Guide to activate FedEx real-time rates calculation
Guide to activate UPS real-time rates calculation
Guide to activate USPS real-time rates calculation
Guide to activate Canada Post real-time rates calculation

Make sure your shipping origin address is correct.
Make sure your products have accurate weights.
Add rates for this carrier to each of your applicable shipping zones.

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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