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Choose AfterShip Shipping to Fulfill Your Shipments Cost-effectively

Enjoy reduced shipping rates with AfterShip Shipping, irrespective of your Shopify subscription plan and the order that you're willing to ship. AfterShip Shipping supports 60+ carriers worldwide, including USPS, DHL, Sendle, Aramex UX, Seko, Chukou1, Yunexpress US, B2C Europe, Chronopost, and so on.

It also brings you real-time shipping rates so that you can choose the right carrier to save money and deliver products at the promised time.

The following table shows the discount you can gain via AfterShip Shipping in 2021:


Here are a few examples of how much you can save with AfterShip Shipping.

Let’s suppose, you want to ship a parcel of 1 lb, this is the price difference you will save: 




Aramex US

Chronopost (Measures in Kg)

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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