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How to Use AfterShip Shipping’s New Checkout Options?

Providing clear information related to shipping fees and order delivery date is the best way to set customers’ minds at ease and earn their trust.

AfterShip Shipping now has new checkout options, which allows you to offer crystal clear information with respect to shipping, delivery date, and so on.

3 easy steps to use AfterShip Shipping’s new checkout options

Look for the ‘Checkout options’ tab in your AfterShip Shipping account and set general settings along with shipping options as per your preference

Shipping options are the shipping methods that will be displayed on the checkout page
Save the settings
Go to Shopify admin > Settings > Shipping & Delivery, and select rates provided by AfterShip Shipping

Note: This feature is only available for those users that are using the annual Shopify plan, Advanced Shopify plan, or any higher one. The reason for this restriction is Shopify’s guidelines.

What should you know about the general shipping settings?

Order cutoff time

It signifies the time by when you can process the order.

Note: This may impact the EDD (estimated date of delivery) calculation.

Let’s say that you have set 6:00 p.m. as your order cutoff time, only these two scenarios can take place:

If customers place an order before 6 p.m., e.g. 3 p.m., then you can process the order on the very same day
If customers place an order after 6 p.m., e.g. 10 p.m., then you can only process the order on the next day

Additional processing time

It refers to the additional working days required to handle order-related work before the dispatchment.

Note: This will affect the EDD (estimated delivery of delivery) calculation.

Example: If you set the additional processing time to 1 day, this is how things will work later on

If a customer places an order on Tuesday and before the cutoff time, you can process it on the very same day. But the rest of the procedure will be followed on Wednesday. It means the order will be dispatched on Wednesday, instead of Tuesday.

Business days (store)

It represents the days on which you prefer to process orders.

Note: US holidays will be excluded by default. This could also affect the EDD calculation.

Let’s imagine that you have set your working days from Monday to Friday, then orders placed on the weekend will only be processed on the upcoming Monday.

How can I set shipping options?

Click on the 'Add shipping option' and then start filling all the details in the vacant fields.

Although all the fields are self-explanatory, yet we would like to explain them so that you can enter all the information with perfection 😄

Shipping option title

Give your shipping method a name, for e.g. “Standard”

Shipping rates

Choose which shipping rate you want to display on the checkout page.

Flat amount

Note: You can set a rule on the order total for exempting shipping charges. (This is applicable if you’ve opted for the ‘Flat amount’ option)

For example:

Let’s say that you’ve set a rule: Set “Free” when the order total is greater than or equal to $200.

Now, if your customer meets this condition, he can only skip the shipping charges. Otherwise, he will have to bear the shipping fee that you’ve set.

Delivery timeframe

This setting lets you show when your carrier partner would deliver the order. It is worthy to remember that showing an estimated delivery date prevents order-related support requests to a large extent.

You get two options while choosing the delivery timeframe:

Specific day

If you select this one, customers will see the exact delivery date after making a purchase.

Date range

If you select this one, customers will learn about the timeframe in which they can expect their order.

Business days (carrier)

This section shows the days on which your carrier partner ships the orders.

Note: This could affect the calculation of EDD (estimate date of delivery). And US holidays will be excluded by default.

Let’s say that new order is placed on Saturday and your carrier partner operates only from Monday to Friday, then, in this case, it will not be shipped on Saturday.

How would I know all my shipping options are saved and ready to use?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to follow any procedure to find whether your shipping options are saved or not. You will see them on the AfterShip Shipping dashboard as soon as you add them successfully.

Once you set your desired shipping options, all you need to do is to activate them from your Shopify store’s settings.

After enabling AfterShip Shipping rates from Shopify’s settings panel, your customers will start seeing your shipping options on the checkout page. For example:

Is there any way to disable shipping options?

Yes, it’s quite easy!

Just delete AfterShip Shipping rates from your Shopify store’s settings.

Note: Deletion is the only way to disappear AfterShip Shipping rates from the checkout page. Otherwise, prospects will see shipping options saved in your AfterShip Shipping account.

Why am I not seeing my new changes on the Shopify’s checkout page?

It has nothing to do with AfterShip Shipping, as it’s a Shopify cache that doesn’t reflect new changes immediately. Refer to this image for a better understanding.

Still have some questions? Say hello to our support team now 😄

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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