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Learn About AfterShip Shipping Orders List

AfterShip Shipping streamlines the order management process for you. It classifies them based on various shipment statuses. You can easily sort through the orders by applying multiple filters. Points to consider:

AfterShip Shipping automatically imports orders from your eCommerce platforms
Orders updated in the last 30 days will be imported
The order list is sorted by order date

This article explains each field in the Orders list.

Order number

It’s the number assigned to each purchase made by shoppers. Order # will be synced from your Shopify store.

Shipment status

It shows the current status of shipments. An order can have one of the following statuses.

Pending payment: order is unpaid or partially paid
Awaiting shipment: order is being prepared to ship
Label generated: shipping label has been generated
Shipped: orders are fulfilled externally or moved from “label generated” status by marking them as shipped
Others: it includes orders that have been canceled


This field gives additional information about the shipment status. It is calculated for different shipment statuses as below:

Pending payment: age = (current datetime) - (order.created_at)
Awaiting shipment: age = (current datetime) - (order.created_at)
Label generated: age = (current datetime) - (order.created_at)
Shipped: age = (order.shipped_at) - (order.created_at)
Canceled and other unknown statuses: age will be "-"


This field has two aspects

Shows order date
Shows ship date


It gives the number of items associated with each order. If a single order consists of different products, it is shown as below.

8 items



It shows two pieces of information

Name of the recipient
The country/region in which the shopper is based. This information will be shown only if mentioned in your Shopify store


It displays any additional instructions from shoppers for you.

Order total

It provides the total order amount (including taxes) in the store currency.

Shipping service

It displays the shipping method chosen for delivering a shipment. For example Morning Express, Priority Mail, etc.

Payment status

It is represented by one of the following statuses:

Paid: shopper has made the payment
Partially paid: only a part of the total amount has been paid
Partially refunded: a few of the ordered items have been refunded

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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