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Make the Shipping Process Error-Free and Speedier With Automation Rules

The shipping process always consumes a lot of time, as every small detail needs to be verified properly. Overlooking this could ruin the post-purchase experience of customers and result in order returns.

With Postmen, you can set automation rules to speed up the shipping process and prevent manual errors.

How to set automation rules in Postmen?

It’s very simple!

Note: You can set a maximum of up to 10 rules.
Just follow these steps to activate automation rules with no hassle:

Access the Settings of your Postmen account
Look for the ‘Automation rules’ option and click on it
After that, tap on the ‘Add rule’ button

Now give your rule a name and choose any of the following options as per your needs:

Apply actions to every order that is imported
Apply actions to orders that meet certain criteria

Scenario 1: When you choose the first option

In this case, you will see ‘Action’ section in which you get different action options like 'Add additional package weight,' 'Select carrier / service / package,' 'Set package size,' 'Set total package weight,' and 'Set ship from location.'

You will see different fields, depending on which action option you've chosen. For eg:

Note: If you select multiple action options, the automation rule will work when all of them are met.

Scenario 2: When you opt for the second option

In this case, you have to take care of two things:

Define the conditions in the second field according to your requirements. Available conditions are:

Note: If you select 'Meet all conditions' option, the automation rule will work when all the defined conditions are met. In the case of 'Meet any condition' option, your automation rule will be triggered as soon as at least 1 condition is met.

Set your preferred actions in the third field to ensure your automation rule produces expected results. Available actions are:

Now click on the ‘Save’ button to finish the procedure.

How will automation rules work?

Go to your Shopify store’s settings
Click on the Shipping and delivery > Manage rates and choose Postmen (Rates provided by app) in the ‘Carrier and app rates’ field

In case you haven’t set your shipping options or don’t know how to do that, make use of this help article. 👍

Hit the ‘Save’ button to finish the process.

Now, whenever a customer chooses your shipping method, details related to Weight, Service, Package, Length, Height, Ship from, etc. will be updated automatically according to your predefined rules.

It will save you precious time and make your life easier. 🤟

What would happen in the case of multiple rules with contradicting conditions?

All rules are prioritized based on their ranking. It means if two or more rules contradict each other, the rule present at the top of your list will be applied.

Therefore, please arrange your rules properly and make sure that your defined conditions for them are totally different.


ConditionHow to fillHow to use
StoreShopify order only. Please find the store URL from the store connection and without ""Apply to the orders imported from the specific shopify store

In case you have any more questions, our chat support team is just a message away.👍

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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