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Print End of Day Forms Effortlessly With AfterShip Shipping

Faster shipping has always been the key to winning customers’ hearts. To accomplish this, it is significant to ensure that all the required documents are available. AfterShip Shipping lets its users create ‘End of Day’ form in a jiffy to make the whole shipping process smooth and quick.

Keep one thing in mind that some carriers use different terms like Shipment manifest, SCAN form, Order Summary, etc. while referring to the 'End of Day' form. So, don't lose heart if any carrier comes with a new name 😅

AfterShip Shipping submits the shipping data electronically and gets a PDF file from carriers in return. Those PDF files can easily be printed and handed over to the driver when required. However, in some cases, you have to connect with carriers due to their contrasting manifest requirements.

Steps to create an ‘End of Day’ form with AfterShip Shipping

Login to your AfterShip Shipping account and navigate to the ‘End of Day’ tab

Note that AfterShip Shipping shows the current date, carrier, and number of open shipments by default. So, don’t forget to make the required changes for the desired results :)
Set the date to view shipments with future or past ship dates

Shipments belong to USPS, Australia Post, Star Track, DHL and eCommerce Asia will be shown as of now.
Once you find the shipment, click on the ‘Close shipments’ option

‘Close shipments’ screen will appear, in which you’ll see all the shipments selected by default. So, choose the ones you wish to close.

Check the ‘Closed’ tab to verify your closed shipments and print the EOD form

In case you have any doubts regarding the EOD form, let our support team know about it right now 👍

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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