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Manage Orders Efficiently in AfterShip Shipping Admin

Orders at any time are represented by one of the following statuses: pending payment,  awaiting shipment, label generated or shipped. With the admin portal, you can ship your orders in just a few clicks.

📝 Shipment details

For orders in the pending payment and awaiting shipment statuses, user can specify the below-mentioned shipment details:

Ship from location

You can add warehouse locations and addresses from where your shipments originate. The default location will be applied to all incoming orders.

Service type

Depending on the carrier accounts users set up in AfterShip Shipping admin, available service types will be shown for selected orders. You can either set up AfterShip Shipping USPS carrier accounts at discounted shipping rates or your own carrier accounts for negotiated rates.


Package types like an envelope, custom, flat, letter, etc. will be presented to you depending upon the shipping service selected.

Package dimensions

You need to specify the length, width, and height of the package. Weight will be auto-calculated when orders are imported.

Service options

As of now, the below-mentioned service options are supported

Electronic signature
Carrier insurance


You need to specify the origin of the shipment, HS code, and unit weight.

📦 Generate labels

You can generate labels for orders in the “Awaiting shipment” status.

Go to AfterShip Shipping admin > Select the required order > Add shipment details
Create a label

🚛 Mark orders as shipped

To manually mark orders in the “Label generated” as shipped,

Go to AfterShip Shipping admin > Select the required order
Check “Notify platform and customer” option > Mark the order as shipped

Once packages are shipped, Shopify order status will be updated as "Fulfilled". Further, shoppers will be notified by Shopify that their order has been shipped. Please ensure that you select the correct inventory source for all Ship from locations.

Split order

Learn more about split order.

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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