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Print packing slip in AfterShip Shipping

Packing slip printing is now supported in AfterShip Shipping.

Go ahead to AfterShip Shipping portal, choose any order to Print Packing slip.
Bulk print is also supported.

If you're using AfterShip Shipping API and want to generate packing slip along with the label, do a simple setup:

Go to AfterShip Shipping - Settings - Document options
Move the "toggle" to the right to automatically generate packing slips along with the shipping labels.

You can also select if you want to print the packing slip for all carrier accounts or only specific carrier accounts.

- You can choose to include barcode on the packing slip to increase warehouse handling efficiency.

If you want to include your brand logo in your packing slip, you can upload your logo also in AfterShip Shipping - Settings - Document options

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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