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Search Orders Easily in AfterShip Shipping Admin

AfterShip Shipping’s order filter enables you to sort through thousands of Shopify and Shopify plus orders quickly and efficiently.

Order search criteria

The search bar is case-insensitive. You can filter orders based on:

Order number/name: it is the unique identifier assigned to each Shopify order (example: usorder1001 or 1001). You can search for orders without entering a prefix.
Recipient’s name: shopper’s name.
Recipient’s email address: shopper’s email id.
Item name: unique identifier assigned to each order item.
Item SKU: item code. For example Bell-Crane-Copper.
Tracking number: shipment reference number. For example 56777999001205.

Filter AfterShip Shipping admin orders

Go to AfterShip Shipping admin > Orders > Select shipment status (example, awaiting shipment)
Search for orders

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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