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Set up a Postmen Carrier Account

You can easily create a Postmen USPS carrier account and enjoy discounted shipping rates. This USPS account is provided by our partner Maersk, one of the largest USPS resellers.

Postmen USPS auto top-up terminology

Balance threshold: it defines the balance amount that triggers auto top-up. If the value falls below the specified amount, your account will be auto-recharged. Default value - $10.00.
Recharge amount: it defines the top-up amount with which your account is recharged if the balance is below the balance threshold. Default value - $20.00.

An initial charge occurs when you generate the first label.

Add a USPS account in Postmen admin

Go to Carriers > Set up > Enter the required details > Next
Enter balance threshold and recharge amount on the “Edit top-up amount window” > Submit details

Edit auto top-up amount

Go to Carriers > Edit auto top-up amount > Enter balance threshold and recharge amount

Resolve payment call rate limit error

If you set a very small recharge amount, you may receive the below-mentioned error.

You have exceeded the payment call rate limit, please try again 5 minutes later.

To resolve the error, set a larger top-up amount.

Updated on: 02/11/2022

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