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Setup DHL Paperless Invoice (PLT)

AfterShip Shipping support you to send DHL Paperless Invoice (Paperless Trade PLT), so that you dont need to print out invoice for shipping internationally. Do note that only certain countries support paperless trade and DHL keeps updating the country list.

Enable DHL paperless invoice function

In order to enable Paperless Invoice function, you need to contact your direct DHL sales manager to enable this feature.
By default, your DHL account cannot submit paperless invoice, and you have to print out physical commercial invoice when shipping.

DHL PLT label sample

If your DHL shipper account has been approved to submit paperless invoice, and you successfully generate a ETD label, the invoice details should be submitted electronically to DHL, and the wordings "PLT" should appear at your label.

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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