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Australia Post Developer Guide and API Credentials

This developer guide shows how to access Australia Post / Star Track shipping API. See also the list of required API credentials / keys for Australia Post integration. 

Australia Post has two types of Integrations - MyPost Business and eParcel. AfterShip Shipping currently supports eParcel integration, which is for more than 2000 parcels a year contract.

Get Australia Post Developer Credentials

Setup a Developer Centre account:

Note: If already registered, or have a MyPost account, please login with those details.

Register for the Shipping & Tracking APIs

Click on the ‘Register your interest today’ link.
Ensure you specify your account number(s), separated by commas (you can specify a large list in the comments field in the last step)
If you are adding account(s) to an existing key, please specify this including the key you wish the account(s) to be added to, in the comments field in the last step
Specify your platform partner in the second step of the registration process. Select Postmen (AfterShip) from the list.

Wait for confirmation email and then follow the steps as provided
Any issues, please contact Australia Post Lodgement Support team

Required Australia Post API credentials

Australia Post Developer Resources

Read Australia Post docs
Supported Australia Post service types and service options
AfterShip Shipping Australia Post technical support:


How to deal with error "Unauthenticated request: The request failed authentication"

From Australia Post system, the credentials are incorrect, we recommend you check with the carrier directly for the details credential values. The required credentials are: Account number, password, API Key.

Please also read below instructions from Australia Post:
Registering for an API Key

Log in to the Australia Post Developer Centre using your existing login details, and submit your request at the registration page.

If you don’t have a Developer Centre account, you can sign up for one using your current email address. Simply accept the terms and conditions, then log in and submit your request at the registration page.

We recommend reading the Getting Started guide before registering for an API Key.

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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