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FedEx Developer Guide & API Credentials

AfterShip Shipping is FedEx Compatible Solution. If you have got FedEx shipper account, simply complete your Account Number and shipping address in AfterShip Shipping and you can start shipping from AMEA, US, CA, and LAC regions.

For other regions, this developer guide teaches you how to get access to FedEx shipping API via AfterShip Shipping or FedEx XML/Web Services. See also the list of required API credentials/keys for FedEx integration.

Get FedEx API Credentials (compatible solution)

Register for a FedEx shipper account if you do not already have one. Otherwise, login to get your FedEx online account.
Login Fedex, add a new account number if you don't have one.

Go to AfterShip Shipping to connect your FedEx shipper account with shipping address.
If you do not know your FedEx Shipping Address:
Log in to your FedEx account. Click your profile icon and choose My Profile. The FedEx Shipping Address is under Contact Information.
Go through FedEx End-User License Agreement, click the checkbox to agree with the agreement, and click Submit

FedEx account number and address doesn’t support to update after creation. It’s because of when setup the account, FedEx must verify the account details including account number, address, phone, email should match the info in FedEx system. If you have updated account info in FedEx, please re-connect your FedEx account with us.

Get FedEx Sandbox API Credentials (not compatible solution)

Register for a FedEx developer account if you do not already have one. Otherwise, login to your FedEx online account.

Visit  FedEx Web Services Page --> FedEx Web Services --> Develop and Test --> Get your test key

Complete the form and make sure you select Global and US , then accept the agreement to continue. If you're testing intra-country within European countries, select the right country in addition to the US and Global account number.

Note down the Developer Test Key, Account Number, and Meter Number.

Check the email associated with your FedEx account. You should receive an email with the title Your Developer Test Key Registration is complete, in which you can find the Test Password

Get FedEx Production API Credentials (not compatible solution)

Visit  FedEx Web Services Page --> FedEx Web Services --> Move to Production --> Get Production Key
Complete the forms, then accept the agreement to continue.

Note down the Production Key and Meter Number displayed. Production Account Number can be found at My Profile --> Account Management

Important note: You can only make rates request before FedEx Web Services certification process

Check the email associated with your FedEx account. You should receive an email with title Your developer Production Key Registration is complete, in which you can find the Production Password

Go through the FedEx Web Services certification process so that you can print FedEx shipping labels in Production.

You can generate the testing labels using your sandbox credentials at AfterShip Shipping.

The United States and Canada:
All other countries within LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean):
EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Indian sub-continent):
APAC (Asia-Pacific):

Required FedEx API credentials

Account Number: FedEx account number

Optional FedEx API credentials

Meter Number: FedEx meter number. Only required for not compatible solution.
Key: FedEx Key. Only required for non-compatible solution.
Password: FedEx Password. Only required for non-compatible solution.
Preferred currency: You can specify the ISO 3 currency code to get shipping rates in the preferred currency. By default, the rate will be displayed in the currency the same as that of your FedEx account.

FedEx Developer Resources

Read FedEx docs
Supported FedEx service types and service options
FedEx service codeAfterShip Shipping service_typeAfterShip Shipping service_name
EUROPE_FIRST_INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITYfedex_europe_first_international_priorityFedEx Europe First International Priority®
FEDEX_2_DAYfedex_2_dayFedEx 2Day®
FEDEX_2_DAY_AMfedex_2_day_amFedEx 2Day® A.M.
FEDEX_DISTANCE_DEFERREDfedex_distance_deferredFedEx Distance Deferred
FEDEX_EXPRESS_SAVERfedex_express_saverFedEx Express Saver®
FEDEX_GROUNDfedex_groundFedEx Ground®
INTERNATIONAL_GROUNDfedex_international_groundFedEx International Ground®
FEDEX_NEXT_DAY_AFTERNOONfedex_next_day_afternoonFedEx® Next Day by 12 noon
FEDEX_NEXT_DAY_EARLY_MORNINGfedex_next_day_early_morningFedEx® Next Day by 9 a.m.
FEDEX_NEXT_DAY_END_OF_DAYfedex_next_day_end_of_dayFedEx® Next Day
FEDEX_NEXT_DAY_MID_MORNINGfedex_next_day_mid_morningFedEx® Next Day by 10 a.m.
FIRST_OVERNIGHTfedex_first_overnightFedEx First Overnight®
GROUND_HOME_DELIVERYfedex_ground_home_deliveryFedEx Home Delivery®
INTERNATIONAL_ECONOMYfedex_international_economyFedEx International Economy®
INTERNATIONAL_ECONOMY_FREIGHTfedex_international_economy_freightFedEx International Economy® Freight
INTERNATIONAL_FIRSTfedex_international_firstFedEx International First®
FEDEX_INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITYfedex_international_priorityFedEx International Priority®
INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITY_FREIGHTfedex_international_priority_freightFedEx International Priority® Freight
PRIORITY_OVERNIGHTfedex_priority_overnightFedEx Priority Overnight®
SAME_DAYfedex_same_dayFedEx SameDay®
SAME_DAY_CITYfedex_same_day_cityFedEx SameDay® City
STANDARD_OVERNIGHTfedex_standard_overnightFedEx Standard Overnight®
FEDEX_2_DAYfedex_2_day_one_rateFedEx 2Day® One Rate
FEDEX_2_DAY_AMfedex_2_day_am_one_rateFedEx 2Day® A.M. One Rate
FEDEX_EXPRESS_SAVERfedex_express_saver_one_rateFedEx Express Saver® One Rate
FIRST_OVERNIGHTfedex_first_overnight_one_rateFedEx First Overnight® One Rate
PRIORITY_OVERNIGHTfedex_priority_overnight_one_rateFedEx Priority Overnight® One Rate
STANDARD_OVERNIGHTfedex_standard_overnight_one_rateFedEx Standard Overnight® One Rate
FEDEX_INTERNATIONAL_CONNECT_PLUSfedex_international_connect_plusFedEx International Connect Plus
FEDEX_INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITY_EXPRESSfedex_international_priority_expressFedEx International Priority® Express
FEDEX_INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITYfedex_international_priority_eodFedEx International Priority®
FEDEX_FIRST_FREIGHTfedex_first_freightFedEx First Overnight® Freight
FEDEX_FREIGHT_PRIORITYfedex_freight_priorityFedEx Freight® Priority
FEDEX_FREIGHT_ECONOMYfedex_freight_economyFedEx Freight® Economy
FEDEX_1_DAY_FREIGHTfedex_1_day_freightFedEx 1Day® Freight
FEDEX_2_DAY_FREIGHTfedex_2_day_freightFedEx 2Day® Freight
FEDEX_3_DAY_FREIGHTfedex_3_day_freightFedEx 3Day® Freight
FEDEX_EXPRESS_SAVERfedex_express_saverFedEx Economy
FEDEX_PRIORITY_OVERNIGHT_EXTRA_HOURSfedex_priority_overnight_extra_hoursFedEx Priority Overnight® Extra Hours
FEDEX_STANDARD_OVERNIGHT_EXTRA_HOURSfedex_standard_overnight_extra_hoursFedEx Standard Overnight® Extra Hours
FEDEX_FIRST_OVERNIGHT_EXTRA_HOURSfedex_first_overnight_extra_hoursFedEx First Overnight® Extra Hours

AfterShip Shipping FedEx technical support:

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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