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DHL Express Developer Guide & API Credentials

This developer guide shows how to access DHL shipping API via AfterShip Shipping, and DHL Express web services / XML services. See also the list of required API credentials/keys for DHL integration.

Note: DHL Express is migrating the legacy XML API integration to MyDHL API integration. In AfterShip Shipping, we support both integrations. Please do check your API credentials to understand which integration you need to use. Please fill in either "Site ID + Password" or "API Key + API Secret" along with your account number, otherwise you will facing errors.

Get DHL Express Developer Credentials (new, MyDHL API)

Register on DHL developer portal and "Get access" for DHL Express - MyDHL API.
Follow DHL User Guide to setup your developer app and work with your DHL account manager to enable the production access.

Search for "User Guide" section for details.

If you already have a DHL Express Account number, click here to Get Access.

You will be redirected to a new page to input necessary on-boarding request details. Check with your DHL account manager if you have no idea how to fill in the information.

After submission, you can see a new App with name "DHL EXPRESS" auto created, similar as below.

Click the app name you can find your app's API Key, API Secret as the API credentials.

Click "Request Production Access" , check the statement and Submit your request. Check with your DHL account manager to enable the production access.

Find your app's API Key, API Secret and input them along with your Account number in AfterShip Shipping.

Required DHL API credentials
Account number
API key
API secret

To use the MyDHL API credentials, please only input Account number, API key, API secret and leave other fields Site ID, Password as empty.

DHL Express is recommending everyone to upgrade to the new MyDHL API as early as possible.

First, you will need to register on DHL Express XML Developer Portal
When registering please make sure to indicate that you are using AfterShip in the field titled, “Describe the application and business process where XML Services will be used.”
DHL will provide DHL XML- PI toolkit (Developer guide), and API credentials for both Sandbox and Production environment: Site ID and Password.
It takes around 24 hours for the API credentials to be activated.

Required DHL API credentials

To use the DHL XML API credentials, please only input Account number, Site ID, Password and leave other fields API key, API secret as empty.

Optional DHL credential

Show account on invoice: The possible values for this field are - YES or NO. If not specified, it will be set as NO by default. If this field is set as YES,  the WayBill DOC will display payer's details.

Please note: DHL will print WayBill DOC only if the value of field "service_options.paperless_invoice" is not set or is set as false.

DHL Express Developer Resources

Read DHL Express docs
Supported DHL Express service types and service options
AfterShip Shipping DHL technical support:

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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