This developer guide shows how to access DPD UK API via Postmen, and DPD UK API via GeoPost Enterprise Service Gateway (ESG) application. See also the list of required API credentials for DPD UK integration.

Get DPD UK Developer Credentials

Setup an online MyDPD UK account. Contact your DPD UK representative if you don't have one.
DPD UK (Geopost UK) will provide API credentials to access DPD UK API: Username and Password. Please note that there is no testing API credentials for DPD UK - as long as the labels are not scanned, the shipments will not be charged. You can enter the API credentials in both Sandbox and Production environment at Postmen.

Required DPD UK API credentials

DPD UK Developer Resources

Read DPD UK docs
Supported DPD UK service types and service options
Postmen DPD UK technical support:
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