This developer guide teaches you how to get access to Canpar Courier Web Services API via Postmen. This article will also list out the required API key / credentials before you can integrate with Canpar Courier.

Get Canpar API Credentials

Register for a Canpar customer account if you do not already have one. Contact your Canpar sales representative to request access to Canpar's sandbox environment.
Once approved Canpar will provide you with  `Login`(user identifier), Password, Account Number for sandbox environment.
Use the Canpar test credentials to generate a label via Postmen Sandbox environment. Send Canpar the sample label, together with request and response files to request access to Canpar's production environment.
Once approved Canpar will provide you with  Login (user identifier),  Password,   Account Number for production environment.

Required Canpar API credentials

Canpar Developer Resources

Read Canpar API docs
Supported Canpar service types
Postmen Canpar technical support:
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