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Dotzot Developer Guide & API Credentials

This developer guide teaches you how to access Dotzot API via Postmen, and Dotzot Order Upload web services / XML services. See also the list of required API credentials / keys for Dotzot integration.

Get Dotzot Developer Credentials

Email Dotzot sales representative and cc
Tell Dotzot you need to obtain Dotzot Order Upload web service credentials, and pre-assigned tracking number range (for COD or/and pre-paid)

Dotzot will provide Dotzot Order Upload web service specification, and credentials for both Sandbox and production environment:   Agent Code, Client ID, Username, and Password, and Preassigned tracking number

Note that the tracking number range of COD and Pre-paid labels are different.

Input Dotzot credentials at your Postmen account, and enter pre-assigned tracking number.

Required Dotzot API credentials

Dotzot Developer Resources

Read Dotzot docs
Supported Dotzot service types and service options
Postmen Dotzot technical support:

Updated on: 20/06/2022

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