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Endicia Developer Guide & API Credentials

This developer guide teaches you how to get access to Endicia Label Server API via AfterShip Shipping. See also the list of required API credentials / keys for Endicia Label Server API integration.

Get Endicia API Credentials (Production)

Register an Endicia account.
Note down the Username, Password entered during sign-up.  They will be used to login Endicia website and make API requests.
After registration success, you will receive an email from Endicia with the Username.
If you forget your Username or Password, go to Endicia page to find them back.

Required Endicia Label Server API credentials

Account ID: The Username that used to login Endicia website.
Passphrase: The Password that used to login Endicia website.

Optional Endicia Label Service API settings

Bypass address validation - if you check this checkbox, it will bypass the Endicia address validation for the label generation, it can show the full shipping address on the label as you send to AfterShip Shipping system, but there may be delivery risk; if you don’t check this checkbox, Endicia will do address validation checking and auto-correction for the shipping label generation, your shipping address will be corrected to the correct one and show on the label, it maybe somehow different from your input. For USA address only.

Set up Endicia Auto-Purchase of Postage via

Endicia is a pre-paid service, set up Auto-Fund so that your Endicia account always has credit.

Refer to Endicia help - How to Auto-Fund Your Account for the setup.

How to solve issue when use service_option: insurance

Endicia updated the insurance from Endicia Package Insurance to ParcelGuard,
this may cause error when using endicia with service_option: insurance, the error will be You must agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to use Parcel Guard. Error encountered (Log ID: 8048)
In order to solve this, please login your endicia account and click Accept in

Endicia Label Server API Developer Resources

Read Endicia docs
Supported Endicia service types and service options
AfterShip Shipping Endicia technical support:

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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