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FedEx Ground® Economy (SmartPost) Developer Guide & API Credentials

This developer guide shows you how to access FedEx Ground® Economy (SmartPost) shipping API via AfterShip Shipping. See also the list of required API credentials for FedEx Ground® Economy integration.

Get FedEx Ground® Economy API Credentials

Register for a FedEx Ground® Economy shipper account if you do not already have one. Otherwise, login to get your FedEx online account.
Login Fedex, add a new account number if you don't have one.

Go to AfterShip Shipping to connect your FedEx shipper account with shipping address.
If you do not know your FedEx Shipping Address:
Log in to your FedEx account. Click your profile icon and choose My Profile. The FedEx Shipping Address is under Contact Information.
Go through FedEx End-User License Agreement, click the checkbox to agree with the agreement, and click Submit

FedEx account number and address doesn’t support to update after creation. It’s because of when setup the account, FedEx must verify the account details including account number, address, phone, email should match the info in FedEx system. If you have updated account info in FedEx, please re-connect your FedEx account with us.

Required FedEx Ground® Economy API credentials

Account numberYour FedEx Ground® Economy shipping account number
AddressYour shipping address, it must be the same as your address in FedEx system
Hub IDFedEx assigned Hub ID

What is FedEx Ground® Economy?

FedEx Ground® Economy is the previous name of our contractual, cost-effective shipping service for low-weight, nonurgent packages. We’ve changed the name of the service from FedEx SmartPost to FedEx Ground Economy. As a customer, you may receive preprinted labels that still have the FedEx SmartPost name on them. And some merchants may continue to use the FedEx SmartPost name during their checkout process. In both cases, the service details will remain the same.

FedEx Ground® Economy is only available as a contract service. FedEx account holders can begin to use this service once they have signed an agreement, however it is not available to simply book online. If you are interested in the service, feel free to contact FedEx and their employees will guide you through the process.

Read FedEx Ground® Economy docs
Supported FedEx Ground® Economy service types and service options
FedEx servie codeAfterShip Shipping service_typeAfterShip Shipping service_name
PARCEL_RETURNfedex-smartpost_returnsFedEx Ground® Economy Returns
PARCEL_SELECTfedex-smartpost_parcel_selectFedEx SmartPost parcel select
PRESORTED_STANDARDfedex-smartpost_parcel_select_lightweightFedEx SmartPost parcel select lightweight
PRESORTED_BOUND_PRINTED_MATTERfedex-smartpost_bound_printed_matterFedEx SmartPost® Bound Printed Matter
MEDIA_MAILfedex-smartpost_mediaFedEx SmartPost® Media

AfterShip Shipping FedEx Ground® Economy technical support:

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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