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Get Credentials to Access New Zealand Post Shipping API

Access New Zealand Post shipping API via AfterShip Shipping to streamline and automate delivery processes.

📥 Get developer credentials

Login to your account > Complete the Commercial access form
Request ParcelLabel API access

For queries, contact New Zealand Post API support at (keeping in cc)

📌 Required API credentials

📥 Get API credentials

Login to New Zealand Post API developer portal > My applications
Select application > Copy Client ID and Client Secret

For Site Code, contact your business account manager at New Zealand Post.

Optional API settings

Permit number: permit number for customers using service sending overseas from NZ, which is a payment method that can be used primarily for mail services. Please check if your business account manager at New Zealand Post if you have this number or not. If you don't have the number, a default value "20003" will be sent to New Zealand Post.

📝 New Zealand Post documentation

API docs
Supported service types

If you have any concerns, write to us at

Updated on: 14/12/2023

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