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Get Credentials to Access SF Express Shipping API

SF Express is a Shenzhen based multinational delivery services and logistics company. Connect your SF Express account to Postmen and ship packages easily at your own negotiated rates.

Create SF Express shipper account

Contact SF Express sales representative to create an SF Express account. SF Express will provide an account number
Register SF qiao system, fill the company info and developer info of your own.
Go to 丰桥服务 - API 接入 - 我的API接口, from below 可申请生产的接口列表 list, find 下订单接口, 订单取消接口, click 添加 button besides them.
顾客编码 and 校验码 will be generated for you, keep safe of them.
Add SF Express carrier account in Postmen > Enter the required details > Submit details in sandbox env.
Use Postmen to create your sandbox labels for 3 times, submit one of the generated label to SF qiao system from 丰桥服务 - API 接入 - 我的电子面单
SF team will check the generated label and approve for your production credentials 顾客编码 and 校验码

Required API Credentials

SF Express Developer Resources

API docs
Accepted service types

Updated on: 07/11/2022

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