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Get Credentials to Access SF Express Shipping API

SF Express is a Shenzhen based multinational delivery services and logistics company. Connect your SF Express account to AfterShip Shipping and ship packages easily at your own negotiated rates.

Create SF Express shipper account

Go to, click button 注册, if you are trying to create a business account outside of China mainland, you can contact an SF Express sales representative and provide them with the following information: 公司名稱 (company name), 公司BR (company BR), and 擬註冊的郵箱 (intended registered email).

Fill the required information in the form and click 注册.

Go to 控制台 - 开发者对接 - 新建应用 and input the required information, click the button 下一步, then the app will be created successfully.

顾客编码, 沙箱校验码 and 生产校验码 will be generated for you, keep safe of them.

Please click 关联API and search EXP_RECE_CREATE_ORDER, the API list will be pop up.

Please click 关联API and search COM_RECE_CLOUD_PRINT_WAYBILLS, the API list will be pop up.

Please click the button of 关联, and the app EXP_RECE_CREATE_ORDER will be in status of 测试中 and COM_RECE_CLOUD_PRINT_WAYBILLS
is 待配置.

Please click 配置 to Config the COM_RECE_CLOUD_PRINT_WAYBILLS and check the templates you needed for SF Express labels, please select 同步 for 面单接受方式.

The sizes of SF Express and Shipping for these templates are as follows. For API users, please use the value of Shipping paper size in the paper_size field when using the Shipping API.
SF Express template descriptionSF Express template codeShipping paper size

Add SF Express carrier account in AfterShip Shipping > Enter the required details > Submit details in Test mode.

Use AfterShip Shipping to create your sandbox labels for 3 times, submit one of the generated label to SF qiao system from 控制台 - 开发者对接 - 查看 API - 电子面单.
(Please convert the pdf label to png)

SF team will check the generated label and approve for your production credentials 顾客编码 and 生产校验码, the status will be from 测试中 -> 待上线.

When using cloud printing, SF Express supports a maximum of 30 parcels. If the number of parcels exceeds this limit, an error will occur, and the error message will state: "Documents size must be less than 30."

Required API Credentials

Optional API Settings

SF Express labels support 2 languages. Please select your preferred value for the Label Template Language.
There are 2 options available: Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional).

SF Express Developer Resources

API docs
Accepted service types

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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