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Get Credentials to Access Team Global Express Shipping API

AfterShip Shipping is the best multi-carrier shipping software and API that enables you to automate shipping processes across USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and 90+ other couriers. Get the required credentials and access Team Global Express (in short, "TGE") shipping API via AfterShip Shipping in just a few steps.

Get Developer Credentials

Make sure you already had your own account number with TGE. In case you don't have one, contact TGE head of sales for Ecommerce Adam Priest by email
After you obtain your account number, fill out this TGE form to issue the connote ranges and SSCC (if necessary).
Take care below info for the form:
For question 4 "Are you using MyTeamGE API's?", choose "Yes".
For question 5 "Provide your Trading Partner name.", input "AFTERSHIP".
For questions about SSCC, just fill per your actual business. If you're unsure about your SSCC arrangement, contact your TGE account manager for help.

You will receive the API credentials from TGE team with your email.
Fill your SourceSystemCode, Consignor ID (Account Number) in AfterShip Shipping.

Required API Credentials

Account Number

Setup Shipment ID, SSCC

After shipper account created, click + Tracking Numbers button to input the pre-assigned Shipment ID range that you have got from Team Global Express. Two kinds of ranges supported.
Shipment ID: Shipment ID range is the 6-digit number range without the SourceSystemCode. E.g. From number = 000001, To number = 999999
SSCC ID: SSCC ID range is the 9-digit number range assigned by Team Global Express. E.g. From number = 250071958, To number = 250072957

Team Global Express Developer Resources

API docs
Accepted service types

Updated on: 08/11/2023

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