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Get Credentials to Access Uber Shipping API

AfterShip Shipping is the best multi-carrier shipping software and API that enables you to automate shipping processes across USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and 80+ other couriers. Get the required credentials and access Uber shipping API via AfterShip Shipping in just a few steps.

Get Uber Developer Credentials

Email Uber sales representative and cc
Tell Uber you need to obtain Uber API credentials. 

Uber will provide testing credentials for both Sandbox and production environment: Client ID, Client secret and Customer ID

Required Uber API credentials

Client ID
Client secret
Customer ID

Optional settings

Pickup NotesThe pickup code and notes${references.0} 請將前方此組6位數取貨代碼,出示給門市人員確認以完成取貨。
Drop-off NotesThe drop off notes and order number您的訂單編號 ${order _number} 將由Uber Directs進行配送
Drop-off Seller NotesThe seller's drop-off notes送件時請告知消費者此為 xx 訂單,配送時請電話與顧客聯繫,若配送失敗請退回到 xx
Manifest ReferenceThe seller's manifest reference取貨代碼 ${references.0} / xx 訂單編號 ${order_number}

The countries supported by Uber in AfterShip Shipping

Please contact your Uber Point of Contact or Account Manager to verify its availability in your region. Start by visiting:

Read Uber docs
Supported Uber service types and service options
AfterShip Shipping Uber technical support:

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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