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Get Credentials to Access USPS Shipping API

AfterShip Shipping is the best multi-carrier shipping software and API that enables you to automate shipping processes across USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and 90+ other couriers. Get the required credentials and access USPS shipping API via AfterShip Shipping / AfterShip Returns in just a few steps.

AfterShip Returns is currently supported, AfterShip Shipping coming soon in Nov 2023

Get USPS Developer Credentials

You can either connect your existing USPS Business account with AfterShip Shipping or get a new USPS Business account by AfterShip Shipping.

Login to AfterShip Shipping / AfterShip Returns per your current subscription.
Click "Add carrier" -> Choose "USPS" from the popup window.
Click "Login with USPS", it will bring you to the USPS Business Account portal to sign in and authorize.

If you don't have the USPS account, you can simply "Create Account" here.

Read the information and click the checkbox to confirm authorization.

After authorization success, go back to AfterShip to complete the next steps.

USPS account setup window is auto popup. In case the window is not auto popup, or it's showing the "Login failed" error, it means authorization is somehow failed in the final step for network communication, please repeat above steps 2~4 to authorize again.

Input your CRID, MID, choose your account type, and fill in other information MMID, Returns MID if you have them.
If your account type is EPS, please make sure to fill in your EPS account number.
If your account type is PERMIT, please make sure to fill in your Permit number and Permit zip code.

If you're not sure about your account, please login to USPS BCG and check the details.

Required USPS API credentials

Account type

Read USPS docs
Supported USPS service types and service options
AfterShip Shipping USPS technical support:

Updated on: 01/04/2024

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