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Get Credentials to Pickupp Shipping API

AfterShip Shipping is the best multi-carrier shipping software and API that enables you to automate shipping processes across USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and 90+ other couriers. Get the required credentials and access Pickupp shipping API via AfterShip Shipping in just a few steps.

Get Developer Credentials

Contact your Pickupp account manager to apply for API integration and get Email and Password. Make sure the email is also copied to
Input your API token, Region, Service Offering ID in Shipping.

Required API Credentials

API token

Required API settings

RegionPlease choose your corresponding market of your account
Service Offering IDservice_type and service_offering_id pairs, please check the details below

How to get your Service Offering ID

To get your account's available Service Offering IDs, you can follow the below steps and easily use the services that is provided by Pickupp! (psst: The guide below includes images for your reference!)

Step 1
Login to our Merchant Portal, the URL for different environment and regions can be found here, please make sure to use the PROPER URL.

Step 2
Look at the left sidebar and find for the Users navigation bar item, and click on it!
You will see a EXPORT SERVICE OFFERING CSV button available to you in that page. Proceed to click onto it!
Below is an illustration of how to achieve this step!

Step 3
You will be brought to a print / download task page which you can download the file once it is completely prepared for you!
Below is an illustration of how it looks like!

Step 4
After downloading the file, it will be a CSV file containing a list of available service offerings that you can use in the Create an Order API.
Please take note that the API will accept singular service_offering_id, an example request with the parameter, would be:
  "service_offering_id": "fb06b77b-3acf-4848-8090-289f9df98990",

How to input your Service Offering ID

Format: {service_type1}:{service_offering_id1};{service_type2}:{service_offering_id2};{service_type3}:{service_offering_id3}
Example: pickupp_standard:3210956f-xxxx-xxxx-93f8-aaf79d0e4244;pickupp_express_1_hour:888a2907-xxxx-xxxx-a47f-9773ca79844b;pickupp_express_2_hours:aebeade5-xxxx-xxxx-92ce-e22932b450c7;pickupp_express_4_hours:58678c61-a2f3-xxxx-xxxx-e18fb48aff50

Pickupp Developer Resources

API docs
Accepted service types

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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