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Request Endicia Refund & Setup Auto Refund

This guide tells you how to manually request refund at Endicia and setup auto-refund service for any unused USPS labels. 

Which labels are eligible for refund?

Here are the refund policy summary of Endicia and the refund requirements for unused USPS labels:

Item must not have been scanned by the USPS
Item must be requested within 30 days of printing

NOTE: you can now submit your refund requests **before OR** after printing the SCAN form, as long as it is not scanned.

Request refund at (You get 100% of refunded amount)

You can manually request refund at your endicia account for unused labels. No fee will be charged by Endicia.

Log in to, click My Account > Tools > Request a Postage Refund
Enter the criteria for your search, such as destination ZIP Code and date, tracking number, or daterange.
Select the tracking numbers and click submit Refund Request

Setup auto-refund at (You get 80% of refunded amount)

Endicia Auto-Refund Service (ARS) automatically identifies and submits shipping labels that may be eligible for refunds from USPS. Once the refund is processed, your postage account is automatically updated with the refunded amount. Do note that Endicia charges 20% of the refunded amount by USPS.

Log in to, click Update Profile > Auto-Refund Service
Agree the terms, and an email address for notifications

When do I get my refund?

According to Endicia's refund policy, the refund amount will credited to your postage account 14 days after the date of mailing or the day after the refund request, whichever is later.

Updated on: 01/06/2022

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