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UPS Developer Guide & API Credentials

This developer guide shows how to access UPS API via AfterShip Shipping, and UPS web services / XML services. See also the required API credentials / keys for UPS integration.

Get UPS Developer Credentials

Get your UPS shipper account number from UPS local sales team.
Input your account number and shipper address in AfterShip Shipping, make sure the address is exactly the same as your address in the UPS system.
In the UPS Account Authentication section, input your recent invoice info in AfterShip Shipping so that UPS can verify the account number and invoice info to grant AfterShip Shipping permission printing label for your UPS account.

How to find your address
Please login UPS portal and find Addresses as below.

Required UPS API credentials

Account number
Invoice details

UPS account number and address doesn’t support to update after creation. It’s because of when setup the account, UPS must verify the account details including account number, address, phone, email should match the info in UPS system. If you have updated account info in UPS, please re-connect your UPS account with us.

UPS Developer Resources

Read UPS docs

Supported UPS service types and service options

UPS servie codeAfterShip Shipping service_typeAfterShip Shipping service_name
01ups_expressUPS Express®
01ups_next_day_airUPS Next Day Air®
02ups_2nd_day_airUPS 2nd Day Air®
02ups_expeditedUPS Expedited®
03ups_groundUPS® Ground
07ups_expressUPS Express®
07ups_worldwide_expressUPS Worldwide Express®
08ups_expeditedUPS Expedited®
08ups_worldwide_expeditedUPS Worldwide Expedited®
11ups_standardUPS® Standard
12ups_3_day_selectUPS 3 Day Select®
13ups_express_saverUPS Express Saver
13ups_next_day_air_saverUPS Next Day Air Saver®
14ups_express_earlyUPS Express Early
14ups_next_day_air_early_amUPS Next Day Air® Early
17ups_worldwide_economy_dduUPS Worldwide Economy DDU
54ups_express_earlyUPS Express Early
54ups_express_plusUPS Express Plus®
54ups_worldwide_express_plusUPS Worldwide Express Plus®
59ups_2nd_day_air_amUPS 2nd Day Air A.M.®
65ups_express_saverUPS Express Saver
65ups_saverUPS Worldwide Saver®
70ups_access_point_economyUPS Access Point Economy
71ups_express_freight_middayUPS Worldwide Express Freight® Midday
72ups_worldwide_economy_ddpUPS Worldwide Economy DDP
74ups_express_1200UPS Express® 12:00
82ups_today_standardUPS Today Standard℠
83ups_today_dedicated_courierUPS Today Dedicated Courier℠
85ups_today_expressUPS Today Express
86ups_today_express_saverUPS Today Express Saver
92ups_surepostUPS SurePost®
93ups_surepostUPS SurePost®
96ups_worldwide_express_freightUPS Worldwide Express Freight
M2ups_first_class_mailUPS First Class Mail
M3ups_priority_mailUPS Priority Mail
M4ups_expedited_mail_innovationsUPS Expedited Mail Innovations
M5ups_priority_mail_innovationsUPS Priority Mail Innovations
M6ups_economy_mail_innovationsUPS Economy Mail Innovations

AfterShip Shipping UPS technical support:

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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