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data.shipment.ship_to address is invalid

data.shipment.ship_to address is invalid

What it means

The recipient's address is incorrect of your shipment.

How to solve

In general, our response will include the suggestion address, such as data.shipment.ship_to address is invalid, the correct address might be 133 MAIN STREET, METHVEN ... ... Please update your ship_to address and try again, you can use the suggestion address to retry.
If you're uncertain about the validity of the address, you can use a service like to verify its correctness. Find city and state information using zip codes.

For the admin UI

Correct the Recipient address information of the order.

For the API

Correct the shipment.ship_to address information of the payload.

error 8009: Shipper Billing Country must either be same as Billing Country of Shipment Origin or the Shipper Account must be an Impex Account
In case you’re making return shipments with MyDHL, the problem could be related to the fact that you haven’t set your account number as an Impex Account with DHL. Please talk with your DHL account manager to set it.

Updated on: 25/01/2024

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